About Us

Cordillera Investment Partners seeks to be a premier provider of innovative alternative investment solutions.  The firm was founded by three senior investment professionals who worked together for more than eight years, and were Partners at Makena Capital Management.  The team has extensive experience managing multi-asset class portfolios and investing in a variety of alternative strategies in real estate, natural resources, private equity, infrastructure, and hedge funds. 



The firm's approach is to invest in alternative assets by focusing on attractive opportunities that are not yet mainstream or overcapitalized.  Examples of these types of opportunities include water rights, agriculture, specialty finance (film, video games), digital assets, life settlements, environmental markets, litigation finance, specialty real estate, energy subsectors, peer-to-peer lending, shipping, aircraft leasing, and other emerging strategies.  We seek to invest through funds, co-investments, secondaries, and joint ventures.

The Firm's investment approach is designed to create differentiated portfolios that will offer superior risk-adjusted returns and diversification benefits.  Investments will typically fall into one of the following two categories:

  • Pre-Institutional: These are strategies and sectors that have not yet attracted significant institutional capital because they are not well understood or do not fit neatly into an established asset class. These overlooked areas create opportunities for investors willing to research new markets and explore differentiated strategies.
  • Uncorrelated: These are strategies with low or negative correlation properties and with positive expected returns. Uncorrelated strategies are powerful diversifiers and can significantly enhance the risk-return properties of a portfolio.

areas of focus

Water Rights

Litigation Finance

Specialty Agriculture

Specialty Real Estate

Aircraft Leasing

Specialty Timber

Intellectual Property


Specialty Infrastructure

Media Finance

Distressed Munis

Rolling Stock